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Visually impaired Austrian athlete, Carina Edlinger, won two medals in the 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing for cross-country skiing. But she did have a trusty stead at her side to guide her which she is very thankful off. When she was honoured during one of the medal ceremonies, she knew she wanted to recognise her guide dog named Riley, in front of everyone.

The 5-years-old pup has been by Edlinger’s side for quite some time now. Edlinger and Riley has an amazing bond, and love each other very much. During the special reward ceremony, she wanted everyone to know just how much she appreciates everything Riley has done for her.

As soon as the medals made their way over to Edlinger and her guide, Riley jumped up to take a deep sniff at them, hoping that one is specially just for him, which unfortunately wasn’t. 

However, once Edlinger had accepted her medal, she reached and took another medal which she has specially made just for her trusty steed. She gently places the medal around his neck and stood back up to let him have his moment. He was overjoyed.

Everyone absolutely loved watching Riley accept his medal on the Olympic podium, maybe even more than watching all of the human athletes accept theirs.

After he had received his medal, Riley got to show off his new medal along side Edlinger and celebrate the big and special day together.  

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