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They’re not just your regular gym buddies, so obviously they won’t be making just any regular gym videos. Let’s face it, we don’t have green screens, the latest tech… or weights that big… at home.

When Will Smith and Jason Derulo get together, the magic happens.

In a recent video published on YouTube, both the actor and the singer can be seen pumping iron side-by-side. While both of them look pretty good in real life, the video is about to have you laughing out loud as you realise what’s happening.

Some tech wizardry action goes haywire when Derulo accidentally hits Smith’s green screen and reveals the truth: Smith hasn’t been working out shirtless all sweaty and ripped, in fact he’s wearing a shirt and eating a sandwich.

He even takes aim at Derulo, calling himself an action hero, when he realises that Derulo is actually pumping iron and not behind a green screen as well.

Smith then grabs the green screen and continues with the trickery… but the screen is upside down and reveals the glitch within seconds.

The best part? When Derulo tries to cover for him and informs Smith that the green screen is the wrong way around, to which Smith replies: “Worry about your muscles!”

Watch the hilarious video below of Will Smith and Jason Derulo working out together.

Image credit: Soundpasta

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