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Watching one of your favourite actors starring in a great film can be so rewarding. However, seeing one of your favourite characters standing out, not for their good acting skills but for the unseeable disaster of a wig they had to endure while shooting the movie... Well, that can be horrifying.

The first disaster wig we are seeing is Nicole Kidman's in the movie Top of the Lake. Fans described the wig looking like a dust ball that you found under your fridge. Ouch!



The second haunting wig is the series of wigs Anne Hathaway showcased in the movie Brokeback Mountain, which is definitely a show stopper – but not in a good way. 



Jennifer Garner's hair in Alias was definitely a sight to make sore eyes. The bright colour that stood out will for always be remembered. 


As hard as it is to say, another wig that was devestaing was Taylor Lautner's wig worn in the first two movies of the Twilight series. It looked like it had not seen a drop of shampoo or conditioner ever.



The disaster of Julia Robert's wig in Mother's Day is a totaly different story. Fans pointed out that the wig made her look like she was getting ready for a costume party. Will never unsee this.


The ultimate 'fake' wig was identified as Halle Barry's wig in the X-men movies, which looks like it was added in post-production.


Jennifer Lawrence's wig in the X-men movies looked like it was superglued to her head.


Okay, So we all have heard of the series New Girl. Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris, however, must have cringed when they saw the wigs they had to wear in this flashback scene. 


Fans pointed out the hilarious picture of Samuel L Jackson from The Spirit and commented that the wig looks like he'd just scalped somebody and plopped it on his head.


Although the above wig of Samuel has nothing to compare against the unbelievably weird wig he worn on The Great White Hype.

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