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When we think of hero's, we immediately think of a masked crusader saving the world from evil. But some hero's walk among us, disguised as mere children. Here are 10 heroic kids who saved lives.

Nobody truly knows how brave they are until they're confronted with a difficult situation. Many people freeze up, and others can't think on their feet, but then you get those who spring into action to save the day.

In this case, we showcase 10 heroic kids who saved lives. These kids remained calm, assessed the situation, and made decisions that many adults would struggle to make.

A four-year-old made a 911 call after her mother collapsed, staying calm and listening to instructions from the 911 operator for 15 minutes until help arrived. Not only did she know to dial 911, but she also knew her home address off by heart. What a legend.

There was also the nine-year-old who gave his two-year-old sister CPR after she drowned in the pool. He learned how to perform the life-saving technique from watching the action film Black Hawk Down.

When a teenager snatched a toddler from a playground, the little boys two older siblings, aged eight and nine, started chasing the kidnapper down. Eventually, two other teenagers joined in the chase when they saw the two brave heroes sprinting after the criminal. The kidnapper dropped the toddler when he knew he wasn't going to get away from his pursuers. He was arrested and charged with second-degree kidnapping.

These are just three of the stories on this list. Others include a boy who pulled a school bus to a halt after the bus driver had a seizure, saving all 15 children on board. A girl performed the Heimlich Manoeuvre on her mother that was chocking on a sausage, she learned that move from the movie, Mrs Doubtfire

There was a toddler who summoned superhuman strength, pushing a fallen set of drawers off of his twin brother. There was a ten-year-old who sprinted to catch his sibling who fell off a changing station. Another young girl pulled her submerged mother from a pool after mom had a fit, saving her life. 

Another heroic act was performed by a little girl, barely old enough to speak. She managed to make a phone call that saved her mothers life after she collapsed into a diabetic coma. The oldest person on the list is the teenage ball girl at a baseball game who caught a rogue ball, travelling at 108.7mph, just inches before it struck an unsuspecting fan in the head.

All of these kids are motivational heroes. They are brave in the face of adversity and an inspiration to the rest of us. Well done to them, other people lived to see another day because of their actions.

Check out their stories in the video by ABC News below.

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