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Foo Fighters has to played a significant role in the art of rock showcasing immense talent such as the famed Foo Fighters drummer and singer Taylor Hawkins. Unfortunately sadness has struck the Foo Fighters community after the sudden announcement of Hawkins’ on March 25, 2022, at 50 years old.

Recently fans payed tribute to the late famous drummer through rocking out to one of the band’s top hits. Rockin’1000, a massive 1,000-person ensemble from Italy, and the “biggest rock band on Earth” covered the classic Foo Fighters single “My Hero” in honour of Hawkins.

The original hit opens with Hawkins creating an epic vibe with his electrifying drumming. However, Rockin'1000 switched it up a bit by showing the monumental scale of their performance. In the viral video of the massive band, they begin the song with three musicians strumming guitars on a smaller stage just before turning to the many drummers who lead us into the rest of the song.

The musicians including the drummers, guitarists, and singers amazingly delivered a flawless performance in perfect unison.  

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