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Recently a gold fish became the master of its own destiny - literally. The gold fish has been placed inside of a robotic fish tank which it controls. The movement, direction and speed is determined by the position of the fish relative to the middle of its tank. Each time the fish moves, so does the tank.

This unique and mind-blowing invention was designed and created by a group of friends for Build18, annual engineering festival which is organised through the Carnegie Mellon University. Zachary Newman stated in an interview, “We were sitting around one day trying to think of project ideas when we looked at the Fish in our Fraternity house, Walter, and decided it would be awesome if he could hang out with us! From there, coming up with a design was pretty simple.”

The group also added that it took them three days to built the final robot. However, they do not plan on leaving it there. The group is planning on making some improvements in a new version which will also be built out of higher grade materials provided by Intel.

Fish controlling robots? The world of technology has clearly evolved and has taken a huge step into new directions. Who knows, maybe all the movies with the flying cars in the future might just come true.

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