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One day while coming home from work, Tia Belton wanted nothing more than to see her dog, Reese. As she made her way to her apartment she noticed something unexpected. Reese was all alone outside sniffing his way around the dumpster. Immediately livid, Belton couldn’t figure out how Reese managed to get outside.

“I was distressed. My Reese never wanders off and doesn’t particularly enjoy running outside. Our apartment complex dumpster is not near my apartment at all. She normally just lays in the sun, so for her to be sniffing around the dumpster was too much for me."

Belton immediately called for Reese, who happily came running over to her. After ‘Reese’ jumped in the car, Belton parked and carried her up to the apartment. Still a little annoyed at ‘Reese’ being outside, she didn’t expect to see what is waiting for her when she opened the door. Reese was already inside waiting for her.

Belton looked at the dog she was holding in her arms who clearly was not Reese. Or well, not that clearly as the two pups almost look identical. The mystery dog, who she later figured out is named Bella, didn’t seem to mind the mix-up at all.

“I was shook and embarrassed. How dare I not recognise my own baby? Bella just hopped on my couch with Reese like it was the parent trap or something.”

The real Reese was clearly a bit confused with her mom bringing home a twin dog. Reese honestly wasn’t impressed, while Bella made herself right at home. However, even though Bella is a cutie, she needed to get back to her own family. Belton quickly set about trying to find them, by putting up posters and even driving l around with Reese and Bella to do their own searching. After three days, Bella’s family reached out and was happily reunited with her family.

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