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Known for his robot-themed art and unconventional robot sculptures, Japanese artist Kami Robo has created everything everything from a rubber duck robot to a bionic  Christmas tree star. Instead of having one material to use for his art, Robo can make is art out of just about anything.

His recent eye-catching project was a plastic suit of armour which he created out of 24 traffic cones. Robo also surprised fans with a video where the orange cone armour is demonstrated in action. Some might say that the humanoid cone creature looks like something out of a Sci-fi movie. 

Even though the impressive plastic suit of armour might not be the most effective in protecting someone from dangerous weapons, it might be the new suit for when someone is learning how to enter a new relationship. And if your looking to promote safety, this traffic cone contraption is sure to convert the person wearing it into a walking caution sign.

Watch Kami Robo’s traffic cone armour in action. 

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