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Adorable pup named Fin has some interesting hobbies. His favourite is to create puzzles for himself to figure out and solve. And he gets excited after solving every single one.

Vee Thayer, Fin’s mom said, “Every day is a brand-new exciting adventure for him. It’s like Christmas morning every morning. He keeps himself busy — sometimes I’ll hear him trotting around in another room and wonder what he’s up to before deciding I probably don’t want to know.”

One of Fin’s favourite things is to get his mom to open the door while she’s in the shower. Fin is nor really fond of a shower, maybe due to the sound of the water splashing or maybe the fact that there is a closed door. He has since made it his mission to try and get his mom to open the door every time she goes to take a shower.

In order succeed in his set mission, he has came up with the brilliant idea to brings his mom gifts. Each time a completely different object. “From what my fiancé says, Fin brings a couple items to the door while I’m in the shower to see if any of them will get me to open the door. Sometimes I’ll open it to find an assortment of items, other times it’ll just be one thing.”

In the beginning Thayer wasn’t really sure what was happening, however now she can’t wait to see what Fin has decided to bring her.

“Some of my favourite things he’s brought me have been duct tape, tongs, shampoo, socks, his bed, a bowl of his food, hangers and a pack of Post its. When I open the door, I always say thank you and check out each item. His face is the cutest when the door opens — it’s a mixture of pride and concern, like, ‘Oh jeez, I hope I brought the right thing!’”

Fin has created a similar puzzle to solve involving his dad, but with a slightly different spin.“When he senses it’s about time for dog dad to get home from work, he’ll sit in a specific spot at the corner of the carpet in our living room and wait. The longer the wait, the more toys and items he’ll grab. It’s like he’s trying to find ‘the thing’ that will make his dad walk through the door.”

Fin clearly never gets bored at trying to solve his puzzles. Fin’s gifts brings both him and his parents a lot of joy, and he clearly has no plans on stopping soon.

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