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Bein stuck indoors for weeks on end while the COVID-19 coronavirus wreaks havoc worldwide, we thought we'd find you 5 easy recipes, made from ingredients you have in your pantry, to help you get through quarantine.

YouTube channel, Sam The Cooking Guy, is awesome. There's a wealth of interesting cooking ideas and recipes on this channel, but today he's focussing on 5 easy recipes you can follow that require only ingredients you can usually find in your own pantry. Unless you're a useless bachelor, then you might have to sneak off to the shop.

The first step for all of them is to pre-cook your chicken. Season it first and pop it in the oven until it's done. Once it's ready, you can move onto the next step.

The first recipe is a chicken noodle wonton soup. All you need is to make a chicken broth, add some sliced onion, garlic, fat slices of ginger and a handful of wontons. Add some soy sauce, two-minute noodles, and mix it all together. Add some green onion and the chicken you've pre-cooked, and leave it for 10 or so minutes.

It's that easy, and he has four more, which include mac and cheese, chilli, cheese and more. Best you hit that play button below and learn something new today.

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