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Although the miniature wonderland in Hamburg's Speicherstadt was closed to visitors due to the pandemic,  employees used the world's longest model train, complete with tiny red trains, and water filled to varying heights. They played various classical songs while tapping on glasses. The train ran over 220 meters, the length of a miniature park, and used thousands of glasses. The project took quite a bit of time, but was eventually recognised by Guinness World Records as "Longest Song Performed by a Model Train". 

“This idea was only possible when the exhibition was empty of visitors. The last few weeks have brought us a lot of variety, fun and energy, but they have also demanded a lot of creativity, ingenuity and perseverance. ” 

The staff shared how they built  an incredibly long and musical line of glasses for Train to perform. “We will use the lockdown for a project that we have always wanted to do when there are no visitors. , a locomotive travels 220 meters of Wonderland's tracks and shatters thousands of pieces of glass."

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