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What started as a joke about taking pictures safely under COVID-19 restrictions quickly blossomed into a creative adventure that Steve Henning will never forget. The Canadian photographer worked with her model Ciara Antoski and a number of other professionals to create an epic photo shoot that took place in 32 feet of water. As a result, not only were beautiful photos taken, but  Haining was registered in the Guinness Book of  Records as the deepest underwater photo shoot with a model. 

 Haining joked about shooting outdoors after being told it was impossible to take pictures in the pool, the controlled environment he was used to working in during the pandemic. Accompanied by an experienced safety diver, Haining and his favourite underwater models traveled to Canada's shipwreck capital, Tobermory, Ontario. Antoski strived to perfect his poses at such depths and even dived in ice baths to prepare for sub-zero temperatures. At first, we were both practicing, but we weren't able to prepare anything for the shooting day.

The shoot presented a unique set of challenges for Haining to adapt. This included telling Antoski what he needed instead of the shipwreck. "Before bringing Ciara in, we had to  dive into the wreck with a safety diver, find the location, set the lights, figure out the angles and shots," Haining told My Modern Met. Told. For her, for example, where you first sit on the bow, we shoot from your left side, and you have to look a certain way or pose a certain way, sit first, then Your air ends when you lie down, such as giving a signal when you need it. ” 

 Antoski once spent half an hour in  cold water. This allowed Haining to full fill his creative vision and go beyond what he thought was possible. In the end, all the preparation and hard work paid off. During filming, the crew visited him in three different locations. This includes the W.L. Wetmore, which ran aground in 1901 and provided a dramatic backdrop. Dressed in a flowing white dress, Antoski looks fantastic posing in a shipwreck.
And aleven though it wasn't his aim while he first deliberate the project, Haining's paintings earned him an area withinside the Guinness Book of World Records. (It have to be referred to that we have got blanketed different photographers who dove even deeper into the sea for dazzling photoshoots, however Haining genuinely entered into the Guinness World Records opposition and set a report.) For some thing that did not begin seriously, the whole system has been fairly satisfying for Haining, who's additionally famous for his paintings photographing celebrities.

“The comic story was a concept, and the concept was a reality. For me personally, at a time while artists weren’t capable of create, this gave me a hazard to be an artist once more and assignment myself and feature a laugh with pals withinside the system,” he shares. “The report itself is like a pleasant souvenir and reminder of the time all of us driven ourselves for some thing a laugh, however the maximum fulfilling element become that we set a loopy aim with out a expectations, and it have become one of the fine recollections of my life.”

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