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Recently a poor pup was the victim of a string of thefts which began one night at their quiet, rural home. Night after night, the sweet dog named Sancho Panza’s toys which he usually leaves outside on the lawn, were going missing. 

But recently it became clear that the toys were actually ‘stolen’ by some mysterious visitor which found a strong liking for dog toys. However Sancho wasn't very pleased that someone else was playing with his toys and sometimes taking them. But, Sancho’s dad, Brian Chisholm came to learn just how much this mysterious someone enjoyed his pup’s toys.  

When it came to the third day of poor Sancho’s toys being stolen, the poor pup and his dad had about enough. Together, they headed out onto their property in hopes of finding some of the missing toys. And not far off in the field, they found them scattered about. At least that was one mystery that was solved, but one still remained. Who has been enjoying Sancho’s toys so much? 

Chisholm set up a camera in the yard showing directly at a pile of toys with hopes to catch the visitor red handed. And as they hoped for the thief returned the next night and was captured on video. And surprisingly it turns out that it was a coyote who stumbled upon Sancho's toys. He clearly enjoyed them if he decided to come back and have some more fun with them. Chisholm, and surely Sancho too, was quite surprised to see the culprit.

"I figured it would be a fox, not a lone coyote. Even more surprising was his playfulness."

At least Chisholm's camera captured a happy coyote enjoying the smaller things in life. Sancho might not have been too thrilled, but at the end of the day Sancho’s toys were able to bring happiness to someone else without any harm. "We go out in the morning and pick the toys up. The coyote has not been here for the past couple of nights."

watch the cute video here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MAINEAnimals/permalink/2288538697952234/

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