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Murals have been around for centuries as a way to beautify cities. Murals serves many purposes. In a traditional sense,  murals were primarily intended to beautify public spaces. However, over decades the purpose of murals have found several other meanings. Murals has become a way to memorialise historical events, people and places and in now a days have also become a medium for political or social commentary. Murals have been used for centuries to transform a public space into something magical by adding colour and beauty to otherwise plain building walls and streets. As we all know, the walls of urban cities are not kind to the eyes however, with the addition of murals, we can entirely transform spaces that were once hard to look at. There are different types of murals, all unique in their own way. Just like Chinese artist Super Brother Fire Stick, who has blown away the internet with his very unique mural drawings. The artists quickly draws breathtaking mural on different walls only using the char from a burning stick that he set on fire.

His creations include a bull, a proud soldier on horseback, which he impressively drawn upside down. Other drawings include Shiva, the multi-armed goddess (also drawn upside down). More of the artist’s work can be found on his Douyin page.

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