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Any pet owner takes on the responsibility to ensure their pet has a delicious meal and some even ensure that feeding time is an important part of their daily routine. Considering the joy they show when their plates are full, wouldn't it be nice if they could prepare their own breakfast?

Apparently, there's a bird that can do it, and she sets the table nicely. I was even able to grab it. Meet Ami, the rainbow-coloured sun parakeet who has melted hearts around the world with videos of her cooking, going to the grocery store, and vacuuming with a bird-sized prop. 

One of Ami's most popular clips of shows Ami using her beak to carefully place miniature bread slices into a small toaster and then onto a plate. Perhaps you like drinking tea or coffee with your toast, they will obediently bring your favourite cup to the table. At first, she happily places it on the toast, but when the human reaches out her hand to fix it, she looks confused. Eventually, Ami tries again and succeeds correctly.

So – free! – Breakfast will be provided. Ami seems to love playing with miniatures, and she uses them to recreate human situations in adorable ways. You can also see her collecting and putting away school supplies, rummaging through the refrigerator for midnight snacks, and doing laundry. But it's not just about tasks. Ami can also play with her iPad and learn to play the piano with humans. As if watching her do these activities wasn't cute enough, her cute face and her enthusiasm for seeing new things make it even more adorable.

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