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We are used to seeing realistic portraits made with paints and pencils, but  Japanese artists create works of art that cannot even be touched technically. Mr. Kuroshu specialises in shadow puppets, in which he cuts and tears cardboard to cast carefully calculated shadows on walls. The cardboard base may look unremarkable, but when lit from the perfect angle, it creates an incredibly accurate likeness of a famous celebrity.

Through his detailed process, Kurono has captured icons such as Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter. Creating each of these portraits on its own would be a difficult task, but Kuronushi has actually completed a presentation that combines two works of art into one. At its unveiling, the cardboard structure presents a background related to the celebrity. Black Lord then rotates the box that the structure is on. When rotated, the box transforms into the face of a famous character. 

These clips are only a few seconds long, but you can see how much planning went into creating these shadow art boxes. Unlike painting or drawing, where the artist must make marks on the canvas to create the image, Kuroshu creates his work through a negative process. Therefore, to create an accurate silhouette on the wall, you need to carefully peel off the cardboard pieces.

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