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For adorable Kakoa’s fourth birthday, her parents thought to surprise her with her very own surprise party. In order to make it look like the real thing, Kakoa’s parents bought a ton of blow-up dogs and set them up for her party. The sweet gesture was supposed to be fun and silly however it ended up in a great game of hide and seek.

After the fun birthday celebrations, Kakoa’s parents decided to keep the blow-up dogs around. They thought the fake dogs might be fun to have to make videos with Kakoa and her sister, Sky.

Watch the video here and see if you can spot Sky: https://www.tiktok.com/@thehuskyfam/video/7076973259299802411?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc

In one mind boggling video, they had the idea of playing hide and seek with sky in the crowd of fake dogs. They wanted to see if people could find the real dog amongst all the fake ones. And looking at the fake blow up toys, it shouldn’t be that hard. Or so one thinks. 


Sky had to pick a spot in the crowd and her parents had to scan the camera across the room filled with dogs. Some people went into this challenge very confident that they will be able to spot the real pup from the rest, however it took them way longer than they thought it would. Apparently, finding a real husky in a pile of fake ones is harder than it seems.

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