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As all pet owners would know, out beloved pets have certain words that attracts them the most such as biscuit or walk. And sweet Hazel and Motley certainly knows a good thing when they hear it. 

Even if they’re eavesdropping, they never miss the moment something they like is mentioned. Recently, Hazel and Motley's owner decided test that out and  run her own a little experiment on her two pups. While the two dogs were relaxing nearby, she pretended to be on the phone with someone very special. 

The topic of that imaginary conversation just happened to include all her dogs' favourite words. But would Hazel and Motley actually notice?

Watch the video of their reaction posted by their mom in TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hazelandmotleygsd/video/6992742683911507206

As it turns out, Hazel and Motley seemed to be listening in on their mom’s very interesting conversation after all. Hearing some of their favourite words being mentioned the two pups perked-up their ears and had inquisitive expressions leaving no doubt that some words definitely got their attention. As their owner put it: "Head tilts for days!"

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