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When you look at the sweet relationship the two cats Moose and Goose has, you  wouldn’t think that there was once a time where their friendship was as ice cold as the iceberg which had sunken the Titanic. Moose and Goose were something other than attached at the hip.

Recently, the two’s parents shared a sweet video of Goose and Moose to show just how far they have come in their friendship. The video posted to TikTok has since gone viral and shows the moment Moose first encountered his new kitten sibling Goose for the first time. And it is clear that Moose was not too fond of the idea at the first time. At one point, Moose even hisses.

That was hardly the warm welcome his new baby sibling was expecting. However, that soon changed.

If Moose's parents saw the first reaction as a sign that it was a mistake adopting Goose, the two’s friendship might have never blossomed into the strong bond it is today. But fortunately, they knew rather to take things slow at first. Moose and Goose's owner wrote: "We honestly couldn’t believe how quickly she took to him! Within a day she was grooming him and watching over him sleeping."

Watch the sweet video here on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hernameisnylah/video/7093978270739254533

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