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We all know that kids can draw the funniest things from unidentifiable lions to somewhat identifiable fishes. In the past, many creative parents or artists have turned funny kids’ drawings in various of objects such as cuddly toyswearable art, which brings the drawing to live. 

Artist and father-of-two Tom Curtis, decided to create hilarious “real” renditions of his two kids, 8-year-old Dom and 6-year-old Al, drawings. Curtis started an ongoing Instagram series called ‘Things I have drawn’, where he displays each and every funny creation. Each photoshop design celebrates his kids’ creativity and imagination from their anatomically-incorrect animals to comically-constructed cars.

After he started noticing quirky details in his kids’ doodles in 2016, Curtis decided to start the Things I have drawn series. “One day I remember seeing one of Dom’s drawings of an animal of some sort, and thought how interesting it was that he, and other kids, always seem to draw the eyes and mouth on the same side of the head. His birds were particularly amusing because they also had beaks sticking out their head in addition to their mouths.” The father-of-two then started to wonder, “What [would the] world be like if all the things kids drew were actually real, and it was just us stupid adults that weren’t looking hard enough?”

Among the Instagram series you’ll find several funny drawings of his kids which includes a smiling butterfly, a sausage-shaped cat, a waving panda, and even a portrait of the father drawn by his son Dom which includes bulging eyes, a skewed nose, and an upturned smile. 

“At first I figured that all my Photoshopped versions would end up being really creepy. But it turned out that Dom, and his younger brother, Al, mainly drew happy animals.”

With his funny series, Curtis hopes that he’ll encourage not only his own kids but other kids to always keep drawing. “If there was ever a time to be encouraging kids to pick up a piece of paper and pencil, and actually draw something, it’s now. Like many families we’ve got quite a few screens in our house and have the usual ‘battle’ with screen time.”

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