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Halloween may be over, but there is still so many unique costumes this year that we just have to appreciate. Although the all time witches and brooms and mummy costumes never gets old, it’s much more fun and entertaining to see people pull a creative costume relevant to current situations and events in the world. One of the most unique Halloween costume examples from this year was inspired by the UK protests conducted by Just Stop Oil, which saw two individuals throwing tomato soup on a famous Vincent van Gogh‘s masterpiece, Sunflowers. This protest’s aim was to raise awareness of the oil and cost of living crisis.

Just Stop Oil’s, which includes 20-year-old Phoebe Plummer who was one of the climate activists involved in the viral stunt at the National Gallery, stated, “Since October, we have been engaging in disruptive acts all around London because right now what is missing to make this change is political will. So our action, in particular, was a media-grabbing action to get people talking, not just about what we did, but why we did it.” Additionally, the tomato soup can that was used to vandalise the painting was important to their message. “It was to draw attention to the cost of living crisis. In the UK, we are facing a horrendous cost of living crisis and it is part of the cost of oil crisis.” A twitter user shared a woman's clever reenactment of the demonstration on Twitter and it has quickly got the attention as one of this year’s most clever Halloween costume.

The Halloweener, who is kept anonymous with a black dot—wears a yellow t-shirt printed with Van Gogh's famous painting, and a headband that has an empty can and fake tomato soup puddle affixed to the top. This costume definitely captures the essence of the topic. Despite the seriousness of the message behind the real act, this creative costume manages to be lighthearted and artistic in its own right, all at once.

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