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We all know the nervous feeling of preparing for an interview. You plan for every thing to go perfect and to the best of your knowledge you hope you will be able to answer all the question. And what could be more nerve wrecking than being at the wrong place at the wrong time, the moment of your interview. Guy Goma, experienced this back in 2006 when he went for his interview at a broadcasting station. Goma was a job applicant meant to be interviewed for a data support cleanser position in BBC's IT department, however when he arrived at the BBC Television Centre in London, he was mistaken for someone else and had to talk about something he didn’t 100% know. 

On the day of his interview, a ruling had been reached in the famous trademark dispute between Apple and the Beatles' record label, Apple Corps. The broadcast station was suppose to have a interview with technology expert Guy Kewney, to talk about the verdict, however a little mishap took place. When a producer for BBC News 24 went to the lobby to fetch the guest, the receptionist pointed to Goma and was sure that Goma was the expert.  When asked if he was “Guy,” Goma replied affirmatively, and being pressed for time, the team placed Goma in front of the cameras and wired him with a microphone.

At first, Goma didn’t think anything strange of the situation, and simply thought he was being interviewed for the job. It was only after journalist Karen Bowerman introduced him as tech expert Guy Kewney, that he realised there has been a misunderstanding. Although Goma was visibly shocked, he handled the unfortunate situation with grace to avoid making a scene. Fortunately for Goma’s IT background, he was able to provide some credible answers on digital trends. Goma even correctly predicted that people would be relying on the Internet to find music and other media.

Despite the mix-up, Got handled the situation like a boss and even proved his knowledge in his field of work. After the live interview, Goma headed to his actual job interview for the position which he unfortunately didn’t get. However, Goma was back on the screen a week later with BBC News 24, this time to talk about his experience.

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