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Whether you’re a trivia or scrabble nerd or not, having an interesting fact or two on hand can sometimes can in handing when you are trying to impress your friends and family, or simply just to start an interesting conversation.

Writer and activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham took to Twitter to ask her followers to share their most random fact they know. Comments soon starts rushing in with some pretty astonishing fact some of us surely didn’t know. The now-viral Twitter thread reveals an entire stream of unexpected and interesting facts which covers a wide range of topics. For example, did you know that sloths don’t fart and that fish cough? One Twitter commenter revealed that when particles or bacteria get sucked in through the fish’s gills while breathing, the fish ventilation cycle is interrupted with a cough to clear it. Another user revealed that “Sloths don’t fart”—instead, gas is absorbed into the bloodstream and simply breathed out.

Another stand out contribution was by Twitter user @Okeating, who tweeted, “Salvador Dali designed the wrapper for Chupa Chups.” As one of the many surreal Dalí facts we've shared in the past, this is indeed true. The eccentric artist updated the iconic logo and even suggested it be printed on top of the wrapper so that it was always fully displayed.

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