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Apparently there are two ways of reacting when you are caught doing something wrong. The first is to give a meaningful apology, and the second solution is apparently to freeze in place, run to the couch and casually pretend like nothing happened. Or at least that is what sweet Arlo do when he gets caught.

Sweet Arlo got adopted by Mill and his fiancée, Chelsea Watson, in between COVID lockdowns and has since brought tremendous joy and love to their lives. “Arlo's demeanor is amazing. He is so loving and always wants to be cuddled, and wants up in my arms like a baby. He is very playful at times but crashes out quickly, and loves being in bed with us,” Mill said, adding, “He has changed our life in so many ways. He makes us feel complete happiness when we come home after a long day at work.”

The adorable Italian greyhound isn’t usually a pup who are destructive, even though he occasionally enjoys digging in his bed. That’s what he was busy doing when his dad Garry Mill, caught him with the stuffing in his mouth. Mill was able to check in on Arlo on the mini camera he installed, while being out of the house. 

Mill usually doesn’t make use of the camera’s microphone feature in order to prevent confusing Arlo or upsetting him, however this particular day he had no choice. Worried that Arlo might end up eating his bed’s stuffing, Mill decided to try and get him to stop. 

And as soon as he heard his dad, shocked Arlo had the funniest reaction.

Watch the video posted here on TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNYVVNcC/?k=1

“As soon as I spoke to him he froze and he never went back to the bed. I didn't realise how funny the clip was until I went home and watched it back.”

However, Arlo’s adorable and lovable face will probably ensure that the punishment is not that hard, especially considering his parents love him so much. If Arlo ever get caught starting another tug war with his bed while his parents are at work, he’ll probably just apologise straight up.

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