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Those who have watched the movies or just know the popular song, knows that first energetic notes of the Star Wars theme song can instantly be recognised. However, you might recognise the original, but the odds were low that you’ve heard the song performed on the acoustic guitar. Until now.

The Italian guitar quartet named 40 Fingers, has blown everyone away with their amazing performance of an incredible acoustic cover of the iconic film. 40 Fingers performed this classic in an empty theatre during the first lockdown of the pandemic in 2020. Recently the talented musicians revealed the song after  streaming the recording of the mind-blowing live performance.

The four group members were placed on the stage, each on their separated individual platforms, while strumming away on their guitars. Each member took the lead in different sections of the piece, and effortlessly transformed the song into something breathtaking.

In addition to their amazing acoustic cover of the Star Wars theme song, the group also performed iconic hits such as Dire Straits’ famous Sultans of Swing, and Africa by Toto—during the empty concert.

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