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Coming across litter on the beach you are enjoying can sometimes take the fun out of your enjoyable day. A man recently noticed this and took it into his own hand to do his part of cleaning up local beaches. Texas based resident, Glenn Morris invented his very own cleanup gear.

Morris has custom build grabbers which helps him pick up the trash. He has also designed and created a remote-controlled car topped with a trashcan which follow him around helping him make the process easy and efficient.

Morris founded the group LitterBuggies with the hopes that these RC cars makes it easier for himself and other to keep their surroundings clean. LittleBuggies website states, “There are an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean that have significant impacts on marine life and are shifting ecosystems for the worse. This number is expected to double within the next ten years. To do our part, we use RC (remote controlled) cars to more efficiently pick up trash on various beaches. We hope to expand our little hobby into a larger movement, with the goal to make as big of a difference as possible.”

Morris visits his local beaches couple of days a week, with his unique grabber and RC car to clean up and restore the gorgeous nature.

Some of the items left behind includes diapers and glass bottles, which are alarming seeing that trashcans are located nearby. He also takes the time to calculates the weight of each trash bundle.  Some of these trash hauls vary from four to 60 gallons.

Morris’s efforts is surely inspiring to see and encourages other humans to keep their surrounding especially nature, clean. 

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