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The world has been facing over population which has tragically led to pollution. One way of trying to save planet earth, is keeping track of your carbon footprint and trying to decrease it where possible, and as effective as possible. However, in the busy life we have to adhere to, it can be challenging to fully comprehend just how much trash you produce in a given period.

Environmental activist, Rob Greenfield knew the struggle and sought to a way to get the message out there. 

He showcased exactly what just one month’s garbage looks like for one individual, by creating his own plastic suit filled with refuse which can clearly be seen, such as cans, coffee cups, fry boxes.

The trash suit formed part of the 'Trash Me' campaign, which changed daily as the month went on. Greenfield started with an empty suit and slowly build his trash collection as the month went on. But by the end of his time wearing the trash garment, it weighed over 100 pounds.

According to his website, “The average U.S. American creates 4.5 pounds of trash per day yet most people never think twice about their trash. Once it’s in the garbage can, it’s out of sight, out of mind.” With his visual initiative, Greenfield hopes to make an impact which will make people rethink about their trash and look for better and more sustainable choices moving forward.

With his concerning message, Greenfield is encouraging the world to make a positive changes which will help our planet and future generations.

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