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What is the one thing you always wanted to wear on your feet? Mullet shoes? No? Well, either way now you can. Recently the world was introduced to the new high-top sneaker called the Mullet Shoe. And yes, it sure is all business in the front and party in the back. The unique shoe has been upgraded with a set of gorgeous locks hanging down its heels which us sure to blow  people away.

However, you need to attend to your new trendy Mullet shoe just as diligently as if it was your own, as your beautiful shoe mullet might get pretty scraggly after days of wind blowing through your hair and being dragged through the dirt. 

This may all be starting to sound like a hilarious joke, however this is completely true. The new limited-edition sneaker has been designed by the Australian footwear brand Volley’s Heritage High collection. However, these new shoe addition actually contributes to a very good cause. 100% of the money from the $84.99 pair shoe is being donated by Volley, who also partnered with the Black Dog Institute, to the organisation’s Mullets for Mental Health campaign.

Black Dog Institute senior manager of partnerships, Tasman Cassim stated, “We have been so overwhelmed with the support for our Mullets for Mental Health fundraiser and now to have a Volley shoe with a mullet attached as a way of raising additional funds for mental health, we are absolutely stoked.”

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