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You have probably heard the saying ‘the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach’. If you ever wondered if that was real, here is your proof. Apparently it is not only a way to a human’s heart but also an adorable sheep.

One adorably fluffy sheep can’t resist showing his joy when his human offers him a delicious treat. The sweet sheep excitedly bounced across a grassy field all the way to fetch his snack which is no other than a delectable cookie. The adorable incident was captured on video on Twitter and people couldn’t get enough of it.

The moment he spots the tempting goody, the cute sheep takes off in a run which quickly turns into an exciting hop. When he finally reaches his prize, the fluffy creature gobbled down a huge bite of the irresistible cookie.

You have probably noticed that this particular sheep stands out above the rest of his sheep family. The bouncy ball of energy happens to be a Valais Blacknose sheep, which is a rare breed known for the distinctive black patches in its fluffy wool coat. And clearly also known for its unique stride, and its undeniable love of treats.

These breeds are widely considered as the cutest sheep on the planet, and clearly with the most adorable personality and love for treats.

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