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After coming down with a stomach bug, little Enzo’s vet recommended that his family feed him wet food for a few days, which he immediately loved. After some time Enzo recovered and his parents introduced him back to his regular food by still mixing a little bit of wet food to his dry food so that his stomach wouldn’t get overwhelmed. 

His parents then started giving him his regular food again eventually, however something very unexpected happened. The golden retriever stopped eating his dry food, which is pretty unusual. 

At first his family was worried that Enzo might still be a bit sick, despite the fact that he seemed 100% fine. Enzo’s family tried to pay attention to his cues, hoping he would give them some clue as to why he wasn’t eating. 

Alicia, Enzo’s mom said, “You can tell he is always thinking and contemplating. He has very expressive eyebrows that communicate his thoughts about everything.”

After some brainstorming, it finally dawned on them why he might not be eating. “One day we had an idea. Sure enough, we picked up the normal food, stirred it with a spoon, placed it back down … He instantly ate it.”

Enzo watched how his special food was prepared while he was sick and from then on he decided that, that is the only way he would eat it, when it is stirred with love by his family. Once his family started staring his dry food in his bowl, the pup would happily munch away on his food. 

Now for every meal time, Enzo’s family has to make sure that he sees them stirring his food before presenting it to him. It has now become a new routine, and he is more than happy with it.

“It’s now just a step in our routine,” Alicia said.

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