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Mother Hanna Burton, was enjoying a nice day outside on her deck with her newborn baby. As al babies tend to do, this little guy started to get a bit fussy and cried. While Burton was comforting him and rubbing his back an unexpected visitor dropped by to see if the baby was ok.

A mamma deer heard the baby crying and came running to help. The deer seemed to think that the baby who was crying was actually her baby. Mama deer started running towards the deck to comfort the little guy but stopped in her tracks once she saw Burton. The mama deer was definitely confused, but stayed to listen to the baby. In the video Burton said, “This is my baby,” while the deer stood and watched Burton carefully.

After a while mama deer started to realise that she’d made a mistake and that it was in fact not her baby who needed help. However, it was the sweetest thing to see another mother come running up in aid of the baby. Just like mother do. “Hi, Mama,” Burton said. “She thinks you’re her baby."

Even though the mama deer’s help wasn’t really needed, it still such a unique and sweet thing to see her mother instincts kicking in when a baby is in need. There is no doubt she’s a wonderful mother to her own deer babies.

Watch the original video posted on TikTok here: https://www.tiktok.com/@hannaburton/video/6983063509676444934

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