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On his visit to the gorilla enclosure at the Detroit Zoo, Alex Phillips spotted one of the sweetest moments between two wildlife. It was an adorable glimpse at an unlikely friendship.

Coming to the gorilla enclosure, Phillips noticed a wild groundhog who some how managed to burrow her way right into the great ape's territory. Once she  emerged from her grassy tunnel to take a look around, someone else other than Phillips noticed the visitor. The huge resident gorilla made his way to the tiny visitor. It was quite clear that the two hit it off and become friends as the gorilla softly petted the tiny friend. "Aww, they're friends!" one onlooker gushed. Phillips said, “I thought it was so freaking adorable!"

Here's that moment on video: https://www.thedodo.com/daily-dodo/zoo-gorilla-shares-sweet-moment-with-a-tiny-visitor-in-his-enclosure

Having also seen the groundhog on an earlier visit, Phillips believes that the groundhog might actually be living in the gorilla's enclosure. Given how comfortable the sweet groundhog looked around the gorilla, it wasn't the pair's first get together.

"This was one of those things I had to video."

Despite all the common stereotypes that gorillas are only aggressive brutes, these animals are actually remarkably intelligent and can surprisingly be soft and gentle as well.

"Gorillas are typically portrayed as very aggressive, mean animals. But this shows that their default seems to be more curious than anything else.”

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