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While on a trip with her friends in 2018, Paula Northway Poland was casually feeding the seagulls on the beach. Poland’s friend took a photo of her without noticing someone in particular photobombing.

To escape the cold Utah winter for a bit, the group of friends decided to travel to Texas and decided to go for a walk on the beach. “This was our first day at the beach, and my friends sat on the shoreline while I went to the water to feed bread to the seagulls so I’d be away from people,” Poland said.

Little did Poland know that her friend Christine Mather-Poole, had the perfect angle. “Christine snapped this picture, and it wasn’t until later that we noticed that this magnificent photobomb had taken place."

The exact moment the shutter of the camera clicked, one seagull decided to take flight creating a terrifying trick of perspective. While going through the photos they have taken later that night, the group discovered a photo of the prehistoric-sized seagull towering over Poland. At first it looked so real that it took a moment to justify. The effect may even look like it was something created with photoshop, however this optical illusion was created by pure forced perspective.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime picture. “Christine wasn’t even aware he’d flown into the picture. She didn’t notice it at the time. It was just luck.” The photo is now proudly on display in Poland’s living room for all to see the proof that everything really is bigger in Texas.

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