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While watering her plants on her front porch, Jamie Zimolong couldn’t help but notice a strange brownish-gray insect sitting close by. At first, she wasn’t sure what he was, but he seem to look a lot like a tiny dragon.

“Maryland has cicadas, so I’m used to bugs all over the place,” Zimolong said, adding, “Their wings are everywhere, so I just thought that was what it was. Then I looked closer and thought, ‘Wow! That looks just like a dragon!’"

The tiny “dragon” is part of the moth family known as a spotted apatelodes moth, or Apatelodes torrefacta. This moth are usually found  across the United States in fields and woodlands from Maine to Florida and Texas. But even though these little moths look like tiny dragons, they unfortunately don’t breathe fire.

These unique creatures only have a wingspan of 1.5 inches. There is a large possibility that Zimolong wouldn’t have noticed the visitor if he was in her doorway. But luckily for her she was able to spot the fascinating creature. His upwardly curved abdomen and V-shaped wings gives a distinctly dragon-like impression.

Zimolong took a photo to share the experience with her boyfriend and family. Since then the “Game of Thrones” fan has earned her new nickname after spotting a tiny dragon. “I told my family, and now they call me Khaleesi."

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