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Life is busy, so if there’s a hack out there that could save you time and even better, money, then most people will give it a go.

How many times have you tried something because it looked so easy when they did it online? Or your Pinterest project that was a big fail, even though you followed the easy step-by-step guide?

Chris Fox, a BBC reporter, decided to try his hand at famous kitchen hacks that have gone viral and have been watched by millions. As it turns out, they aren’t actually that easy or they simply don’t work.

First up, the Gummy Bears from So Yummy. The video shows that you can simply melt gummy bears and they will become jelly that you can use to create a sophisticated dessert – easy, right? Wrong.

The gummy mixture turned out to be really thick and not as runny as shown in the original video. In fact, it was so rock hard that Chris’s spoon got stuck in it.

Next up, how to make popcorn from an actual ear of corn. So, you’ve run out of popcorn kernels, it’s Sunday night and the movie is about to start.

If you’re too lazy to get into your car and drive to the nearest garage, why not try the simple hack made famous by 5-Minute Crafts? Simply put an ear of corn into a brown paper bag (that no one has lying around by chance, but anyway), put it into the microwave and you’ve got freshly popped popcorn… or as it turns out, just a hot, still raw, ear of corn.

A famous food scientist with her own cooking channel on YouTube, Ann Reardon, has tried some hacks over the years and have proven most of them wrong.

So, why are these channels showing fake food hacks? Well, algorithms turn into views or clicks, and that turns into money. See, now it makes sense.

Unlike the food hacks, they seem to be plain old fake news.

Watch the BBC video below for more on the fake food hacks that have gone viral with millions of views.

Image credit: BBC

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