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A year ago an uninvited guest decided to make himself comfortable in the home Brian Markham and his wife. They soon spotted the tiny little spider who set up shop near a plant on a windowsill in the bathroom. Even though he is tiny he has big ambitions, which the Markham’s recognised.

But for Markham this little spider’s presence where much appreciated. Each little bug caught in the spider’s web is one less pest flying around the house. And looking at the cute spider’s web, he has been taking his spider duties very serious. But unfortunately, not everyone in the house saw things that way. 

“My wife has a strong dislike of spiders and was insisting I get rid of it. I insisted that he was a teeny-tiny guy that posed no threat whatsoever.” To show just how much of a little helper he is, Markham decided to make things official. “I decided to make him ‘Employee of the Month’ instead of killing him, thinking the coveted status would protect him from the lady's ire.”

Markham printed out a very special certificate just for the little guy, dubbing him the Manspider. He then hung the tiny certificate up in the spider’s so called office for everyone to see. And it clearly did the trick after the spider’s excellence was awarded as Markham’s wife soon had a change of heart.

“She did not request I get rid of him after that.”

Thanks to someone seeing the little spider’s hard work and acknowledging it, the tiny spider was able to keep his  Manspider job. However as they say, all good things comes to an end. And after several months of hard work the sweet spider decided to venture on a new unknown journey. "One day he was no longer there.”

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