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Adorable Potato is an incredibly social dog. Since she was little, the pup has always enjoyed making new friends. One of her favourite thing in the world to do on a daily basis is saying hi to everyone in her neighbourhood. 

Cee, Potato’s mom added that “Her personality is like a door greeter at a grocery store.”

Since she was only a six month old pup, Potato loved spending all day everyday outside in the front yard, where she waits for people to pass by and pet her. But unfortunately her favourite hobby in the whole world got interrupted when the pandemic started. Neighbours were worried that with the pandemic,  Potato’s family wouldn’t want anyone petting her for due time. 

But as soon as Potato’s parents noticed the decrease in pets, they wanted to find a way to inform everyone in the neighbourhood that they are more than OK with people sharing love and attention with potato. Potato’s family decided to make a sign and put it up in front of the yard for neighbours to see. 

“We wanted to reassure people it was OK to pet her. Plus, she was getting depressed from the sudden lack of attention. She started barking at people she knew who normally pet her who had stopped. And we figured it would be a nice way to be connected to our neighbours and to help people feel a little less lonely during this weird time.” 

After finally crafting the perfect sign, which showcases her cute and friendly personality, it was time to place it on the fence outside. Not to long after, all Potato’s regular visitors were back and even more in love with Potato than they were before. 

Potato’s sign is such a cute thing to see, and has definitely brought many people so much joy. 

Sean Carr, one of Potato’s neighbours, said, “I first met Potato walking with my girlfriend in our neighbourhood. With COVID my photography business was basically shut down, and she was working from home. We'd walk around looking at houses and all of the flowers and plants. One day we noticed the sign and that sweet little Potato. We've probably gone by at least once a week since to see if Potato is out.” 

Since the sign has been put up, more people has come over to visit sweet Potato, and she couldn’t be more excited about it. Her family is just thrilled that Potato can get all the love and attention her big heart deserves and also help other find a little joy and happiness during these hard times.

“People have been waiting 6 feet apart in a line on really nice days. We are thinking of getting those spacer circles for the ground on the sidewalk. Sometimes people call her name in the yard while she’s indoors, and she anxiously rings her door bell to go out because she doesn’t want to miss them. If it’s a nice day and not raining and we’re home, she’s out there all day, from 10 a.m. to sunset.” 

Potato knows how important her job is during this time and she much rather prefers being with her fans over her family throughout the day to spread the needed love. 

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