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Recently the staff at Dr. S.M. Ahmed’s medical clinic in India had a very unusual patient who came for treatment. A wild mama monkey with her tiny baby came through the doors asking for help.

IndiaTimes explained that Dr Ahmed noticed that the mama monkey had an injury on her head, and her baby had a hurt leg. The Dr. invited the monkeys inside to take care of them. The mama monkey, with her baby clutched around her chest, calmly took a seat while Dr. Ahmed offered treatment to them both.

The news outlet stated, “Dr. Ahmed administered tetanus injection and also spread ointment on the wounds of both the monkeys.”

After receiving treatment, the mother monkey and her baby given a clinic bed and were allowed to get some needed rest. Despite the bustle, the monkey had chosen the perfect place to get help for her baby.

Once the two were well enough they were able to leave the clinic. The devotion of the mother to her baby and the kind doctor who opened up his place to treat them, made this happy ending possible.

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