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Shortly after discovering that she was pregnant, Paige Knudtson decided to adopted a 2-year-old boxer who is named Brutus from a local rescue. 

Knudtson grew up with boxers her entire life, and knew just how gentle they could be. And who doesn’t want a gentle pup looking after your baby once he has arrived. But there is one thing she could never have anticipated. That is just how big of a part Brutus was going to be in her baby’s life. “Brutus is just a big teddy bear. He loves attention and loves to snuggle with people.”

When Knudtson was 20 weeks pregnant with her baby boy which they named Finn, an anatomy scan revealed that he had a serious heart defect. Immediately after birth the tiny baby underwent multiple procedures. “We were extremely lucky to have found this out prior to his birth, or he would not be here with us today.” After seven weeks, Finn was finally able to go home where Brutus was eagerly waiting to meet the mew arrival. 

The connection was instantaneous. The two best friends can spent one second apart and spend each and every moment together while they watch tv, play outside, eat and even take a nap. 

“Once we got home, it was as if Brutus just knew Finn needed some extra close monitoring, and he has been by his side ever since. Brutus often curls up wherever Finn is sitting and follows him from room to room in our house. If Finn is sick, Brutus knows it and just stays right by Finn’s side or lays his head on Finn’s chest.”

Brutus hates to be apart from his brother and will scratch at the door to Finn’s room and even pace outside, until he’s finally allowed back in. You can say that Brutus is little Finn’s protector. When Finn was only a baby, the protective dog slept on the rug in front of the crib. Now that Finn is a bit older and has moved to a toddler bed, there is more than enough space for the two to snuggle up.

“Finn just started sleeping in his ‘big boy bed’ a little over a month ago and that is when Brutus began crawling up and sleeping in Finn’s bed every night. It was as if he laid next to him to prevent him from rolling out of bed.”

The two are inseparable. Wherever the one moves the other one follows. Literally. “Finn then began climbing out of his bed and sleeping on his floor, so naturally Brutus began sleeping next to him there as well.” Knudtson moved Brutus’ dog bed into Finn’s room to hopefully give both their place to sleep, but there is nothing that can prevent these two. Finn will now even choose to snuggle up with Brutus in his dog bed sometimes, rather than stay in his own. Isn’t that so adorable!

Knudtson was lucky to capture the two’s sweet night routine on a nanny cam. When Brutus is sleeping on the floor, little Finn grabs his blanket and climbs out of bed just to go snuggle up next to his best friend. The gentle dog doesn’t mind being used as a pillow, as long as his brother is comfortable.

“Finn sleeps with Brutus all night, every night. Whether it's in the dog bed, Finn’s bed or the floor — the two always sleep together.” Knudtson wouldn’t want it any other way, and is happy that her little Finn has a best friend and protector in Brutus.

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