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During an outing at a nature reserve, Terry McKenna finally spotted a beautiful bird called a chiffchaff, which he had been trying to capture on camera for some time. Excited to spot a chiffchaff, he quickly readied his camera and took a picture. However, instead of sitting still, the little bird decided to take flight the moment he set up for a second shot and pressed the shutter button.

McKenna still knew that it was possible that the photo might be a beautiful shot of a bird in flight. “I was not at all confident that I'd managed to get the shot.”

Later on, McKenna went through his photos and found the one of the beautiful bird. He indeed caught the bird in flight however, the bird somehow didn’t have any wings. McKenna accidentally managed to photograph the exact moment the bird looked as though he was a wingless suspended in midair.

Even though it wasn’t the picture McKenna had expected or hoped for, he was still happy he’d got the chance to take a photo of the chiffchaff in the first place. “I was very surprised that I had a picture at all. It happened so quickly that I really didn't know if the bird was even in the frame.”

McKenna still found the photo incredibly amusing and decided posted it online for everyone else to enjoy. And they absolutely did. McKenna’s initial goal was to photograph a Chiffchaff, and he sort of succeeded.

He wrote on Facebook, “I had been trying for sometime to get a photograph of a little chiffchaff in flight. It would have been nice to have found one with wings!”

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