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Photographers spent many years in their career searching of their one in a lifetime special shot. Not all could be lucky enough to find just what they have been looking for, but some the search is very short. 

To some people the most exceptional moment simply comes to them naturally. All that they need to do is  seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

Photographer Mads Nordsveen from Oslo, is one of the people who were lucky enough to stumble on an exceptional moment. While Nordsveen was out on a hike with his friends in Norway, something fascinating caught his eyes. In the thick snow, was an all-white reindeer calf wandering around. The gorgeous animal almost seem as though it has disappeared into that white snowy background. But who can not notice such a beautiful and unique creature.

White reindeers are extremely rare in the wild. They are not albino, since these charming creatures still have some dark pigmentation in their eyes and antlers. However, it is due to an uncommon genetic mutation, which strips away pigment in their fur, that they have this beautiful white colourless coat. 

The 24-year-old photographer said, “I was walking in the mountains looking for nice landscapes for my travel photography when out of nowhere I saw this wonderful little creature. He came very close to me and we looked at each other straight in the eyes.”

Despite having a bit of camouflage to use at his advantage, the baby reindeer didn’t appear to be shy of humans. The little reindeer had no intention of running away or attacking the stranger and almost seemed as though he wanted to show off a bit. But despite not caring for the humans close by, the little stunner immediately captured Nordsveen’s heart with his out-going and cheerful nature.The adorable reindeer even posed a bit for the camera.

“He was quite relaxed when he saw that I was calm and friendly. It was almost as if he posed for the camera. He was very curious and fun. Like a little explorer.”

But unfortunately like all good things, all must come to an end. The calf’s mother appeared shortly afterward and the two quickly parted ways. “After some minutes the mother of the baby reindeer came out of trees just behind. He walked around for some minutes before running back to his mother. It was very magical and a fairy tale moment. Maybe one day we’ll meet again.”

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