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Brother Nature is a rapidly growing YouTube channel about three brothers living in Hawaii showcasing their organic and natural ways of life.

In their latest video, an important message about sharks was brought to the foreground, sharks are friends and not food!

The three brothers have moved their life from the US to Hawaii and opened up three highly popular healthy and organic food stalls called the 'Sunrise Shack', to fill the gap in Hawaii's demand for fresh and organic wholesome food. While running a business and challenging the infamous coastal surf every day the boys have managed to vlog their lives and capture the essence of the beautiful islands all while managing to bring awareness to ocean conservation.

In this episode the Smith brothers introduce their viewers to a friend, Mike Coots, who is a major shark advocate despite having his leg munched off by a shark, Mike wants us to know that sharks have more than 400 million years of evolution behind them, having survived all kinds of planet-altering events while many other species simply vanished. However, in just the last few decades, some shark species have seen a dramatic decline in numbers, by as much as 80%, due to the action of humans. Tens of millions of sharks are killed each year for their meat, livers and fins, and countless others are threatened by entanglement in discarded fishing nets and other marine debris. This disturbing trend could eventually lead to the collapse of many marine ecosystems worldwide.

His message extends past the conservation efforts and into how people shouldn't fear sharks but rather respect them and their environment. Get rid of all the scary movie ideas of sharks being the enemy and rather replace it with the idea that sharks are majestic creatures who has roamed our oceans for longer than we could ever care to admit.

Remember when you are in the ocean you are swimming into their home, be respectful and express your internal good vibes, after all, sharks can sense your bad ones.

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