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Three years ago the sweet stray pup named Rudy, was taken in by Montgomery County Animal Services. But it wasn’t long after when he received a sign of hope for a loving family. Rudy was adopted by a family, but unfortunately his stay was short. Poor Rudy became a stray again and ended back at the shelter, where he hoped for a loving home.

Ever since Rudy came back to the shelter, his shelter family did everything they could to find him the perfect home. However in their efforts of trying, they just keep hearing the same things over and over again.

Suzanne Hollifield, foster coordinator at Montgomery County Animal Services stated, “Unfortunately, Rudy has not had any adoption interest since he returned to the shelter. Most of the feedback we hear is, ‘He’s too big,’ ‘He’s too old,’ and … ‘He sheds a lot.’”

Even though the sweet 6-years-old Rudy already has a few years under his belt, he still has plenty more to come and plenty more love to give. Even though the pup is big, his personality is sweet and adorable. He’s basically just a big puppy. There will never be a boring moment with Rudy. He loves going on walks, playing with other dogs, going for rides in the car and getting puppuccinos from Starbucks. 

Rudy has such a beautiful adventurous spirit with much love for life and people he cares about. 

Even though Rudy is taken cared for and loved at the shelter, he’s still a very big dog who also needs much more room to play in and run around to be his full self. “Currently, Rudy seems to be doing okay in the kennel, but he is a large dog and needs more activity before he starts to decline, in a home with active humans and another dog. Rudy would probably do best in a home with a fenced yard and humans that like to walk with him.”

What people don’t realise is that the so-called “downsides” to Rudy are actually upsides. Being bug, means there is more of him you can cuddle and to keep you warm during cold nights. His age only makes him wise. He’s already learned the ropes and will fit into any new family with ease. He is always happy and curious about the world, and always loves to play. 

“His personality is as big as his ears,” Hollifield said. “Rudy is a bid ole’ goober who loves other dogs and people! He would make a great companion for the family who is looking for a delightful German shepherd mix!”

Poor Rudy hasn’t struck luck when it came to finding the perfect home. However the shelter hasn’t given up hope just yet. There is a perfect family out there who will accept Rudy the way he is. “He may drop some hair, be older, be big, but his heart and love for this world are invaluable.”

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