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We all have used April Fools Day as the perfect excuse to get back at your family and friends by pulling some harmless pranks on them. And though our pets can’t keep track of what days it is, it doesn’t mean that they like to get in on the fun from time to time. 

Those who are cat owners knows that cats are natural-born pranksters. From sneak attacking, knocking over water glasses and hiding where you least expect them, they always finds a way to make you jump. But we can’t underestimate our dog friends who also have a hair for causing some mischief. Our dogs know us better than anyone else which means they can easily find ways to get what they want.  

Here is some of the funniest pranks animals pulled on their owners. You can find some of the full stories on these funny animals on our site (Spoonfeedz) 

Stolen Teeth

An adorable pup named Maggie has some tricks up her sleeve. Even though she looks like a sweet little dog, this shih tzu-Chihuahua mix is a trickster at heart. Maggie’s dad takes out his dentures every night before he goes to bed. One particular morning when he woke up, he couldn’t find his dentures anywhere. 

Little Maggie stile her dad’s dentures while he was asleep, and even found the perfect hiding spot for them. Her mouth.

Kennedy Simmons has been trying to take the perfect selfie with his beloved rescue dog, Sparky for some time now. However, little Sparky is not a fan of photoshoots and quickly figured out a way to trick his dad and ruin his photo. 

Sparky acts normal until the moment the photo needs to be taken, where he then melts and ruins his father’s photo. “He just flops himself down, it’s almost like he’s throwing a tantrum. He becomes limp, and every once in a while, he’ll side-eye me and give me the meanest look, like, ‘Are we done yet?’”

Faking To Be Sick

Adorable pup named Sullivan found the perfect way to get more attention from his parents and even gets them to stay home from work to take care of him. The clever dog figured out that by pretending to be sick, and making a coughing sound, could scare his parents enough for them to pay more attention to him and sometimes even stay home for the day to give him more attention and care. Which he absolutely adores. However, he underestimated the power of the cough once his backfired and his  parents were so concerned they took him to visit the vet.

Some prank are just more funny when they happen by accident. Take Dewey for instance. This cute pup didn’t mean to ruin his mom’s panoramic photo of the beautiful white snowy countryside. But by not being able to contain his joy while playing in the cold snow, he interrupted his mom’s photo which resulted in one of the most hilarious photobombs and fails. Dewey’s mim, Sadie Swicker said, “When I saw it, I had to do a double-take. It literally looks like a Photoshopped two-legged, yellow snow animal — it was the most perfect panorama gone wrong.”

There is one pup named Harper, who definitely had the best trick which gave her the best results of all time. This rescue loves attention so much that she’ll do anything for pets . She came up with the perfect trick to scam people in Southern California for cuddles and pets. By pretending she is homeless and lost,  people constantly stop and give her some love. However after finding out her tricks, Harper’s parents put up a sign to let passersby in onHarper’s scheme.

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