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We all can agree that not everyone likes to take photos. But we always get that moment where someone catches you by surprise, and you need to make sure you get out of the photo. Now, there are plenty of ways to get out of taking a photo. You can make a face, cover the lens or you can try a new trick like the cute dog named Sparky who acts as though he is melting every time a photo is being taken.

The rescue dog is not too fond of photos and makes sure that he goes boneless when he’s sick of posing for the camera. Well we must say, it’s a pretty effective strategy. 

Sparky’s dad, Kennedy Simmons said “When I take pictures with him, he’s got a certain tolerance, and once he’s over it, he just flops himself down — it’s almost like he’s throwing a tantrum. He becomes limp, and every once in a while, he’ll side-eye me and give me the meanest look, like, ‘Are we done yet?’”

Simmons is known at his work at the vet for taking in special needs dogs and give them the love they deserve. That is how Simmons met Sparky. After the young Italian greyhound’s family surrendered him to the veterinary office, Simmons knew he had to adopt him.

“They were a great family, but he had to get surgery, and they were so afraid to let him do anything after he broke his leg. They genuinely wanted him to have a good puppyhood with someone who wouldn’t be afraid to let him do anything anymore.”

But unfortunately little Sparky had to undergo an operation to remove his one leg due to health issues. However that doesn’t change little Sparky’s motto to live life to the fullest and enjoying every moment. 

“He’s been wild since day one. If you don’t have eyes on Sparky, he’s getting into something. If he’s out of your sight, he’s either snatching a piece of food from the table or grabbing a sock out of the hamper.”

The adventurous Sparky is only 11 pounds, but when it comes to other dogs, he’s absolutely fearless. “He’s friends with the little dogs, he’s friends with the giant dogs. He’s so obnoxious with other dogs — he bites their tails and ears. But every dog ends up loving him and is just so tolerant of him. He’s never been told ‘no’ by any dog.”

But when it comes to adventures, Sparky is still not quite ready to sit still for a photo which leaves Simmons’ phone full of the hilarious snaps. But even though Simmons still haven’t gotten the perfect photo with Sparky, he wouldn’t want his life without his new companion.

 “I’ve had several other dogs who were special needs, and he’s just got something so special. He’s just a little ray of sunshine when you get home. His name is so fitting — he’s got a spark in his eye, and he brings so much joy to everyone because he’s really not afraid of anything.”

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