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A huntsman spider is the largest of its arachnid friends, which may scare off most of us when we see one, but these fellows are also know  to be one of the friendliest arachnid on Earth.

It is pretty impossible not to notice when one of these beauties decides to also become a resident in your home. But for one family in Australia, one huntsman spider did more than just seeking residence for herself.

The large mama spider chose to have her babies without anyone knowing. 

The other day, mom Claudia was at home with her family when her daughter told her there was something going on in her bedroom. When Claudia went to check, she discovered dozens and dozens of baby huntsman spiders which hatched from egg sacks they did not notice near a window. 

"It certainly was an unexpected surprise. We do have the occasional huntsman spider in the house, but I didn’t realise we had an entire kindergarten crawling around.”

In a video she shared, Claudia showed one of the corners of the room with a small group of spiders. She said, “She’s like ‘mommy you got a bunch of spiders up there, baby ones.’” Claudia looked in the first corner and only saw the small group of baby spiders, until her daughter tells her to look in the other corner. A much larger group of baby spiders were crawling around the other side corner. 

Initially some of our reaction would be to scream, or find it very creepy and maybe try to get out of the room very fast, but not Claudia. Her reaction to the spider babies was quite the opposite. "They're so cute!" she said. "I'm not going to kill them."

Some of us might start a fire and maybe burn the house to the ground and start over, but not this mama. She kept her word and let nature take its course. 

Rather than forcibly remove the spider babies, or maybe the more permanent route, Claudia instead decided to opened the window closest to them so that they can take their own course and wander outside on their own. "We let them be. And they were all gone the next morning.” 

The giant spider mom definitely chose the right home to lay her babies. "We basically love animals.”

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