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Baseball has always attracted various of people, however there were one very unexpected member in the audience at a recent Major League baseball game. A baseball team is usually composed out of nine players on the field. However recently one of the teams has one extra member and supporter. 

A unexpected member joined in on the action in field somewhere during the ninth inning of a recent Washington Nationals game. To everyone’s surprise, the extra player was a majestic praying mantis.

The adorable mantis appeared to have forgotten her own baseball cap, and decided to borrow one of the Washington Nationals player’s cap, while he was still wearing it. That player was Victor Robles — the outfielder for the Washington Nationals. Even though he was giving out a free ride and front seat show to the game, he didn’t seem to mind at all.

It is not quite clear whether Robles knew about the little green passenger atop of his cap, but once he took to the field he made sure his teammates and the little bug knew the drill by signalling them. 

No one knows where the mantis had come from, or where she eventually ended up after the game, but thanks to Robles willingness and patience to let her hang out on his cap, everyone got to enjoy the adorable event and the team definitely made a new member and fan.

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