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You might have came across several photos of people stuck to the wall somewhere in a store. That might be the famous wall of shame. Many store owners are fed up with shoplifters stealing their hard working money, and take action by publicly ‘shaming’ the criminals and displaying photos of the suspects in their shop. 

One of the owners who knows the feeling is one of a convenience store in Denver. They have a prominently displayed “wall of shame” which shows a collection of photos of past offenders caught on the store’s security cameras. However, there is one offender who stands out above the rest on the wall of shame. 

A photo of an adorable fluffy dog is displayed on the wall. You might wonder what this adorable pup might have done to deserve his spot on the famous wall. “Beef Jerky Thief,” a faded caption below the photo reads. But despite his reckless actions fulfilling his love for beef jerky, he is still described as a “good boy.”

A frequent visitor to the convenient store, Jakub Niedzwiecki revealed more about the incident that landed the dog on the shame wall, to the DoDo. 

Niedzwiecki revealed, “The furry boy actually belongs to a regular customer. The dog has such an affinity for the jerky aisle that it couldn't help but bite on a loose Slim Jim and nearly walk out of the store with it.”

Fortunately the beef jerky was saved and the adorable pup was stopped before making off with his snack. However rules are rule, and criminal will be displayed no matter what you are. 

But the joke’s on them as this friendly pup is still allowed inside with his owner. And it seems like he might be on the lookout for the next beefy snack he can get his paws on. “What bonded them all together was the jerky incident. The store owners told me that every time the dog is there, his nose just leads him to the same aisle every time.”

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