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After his family no longer cared for the sweet snake named Gazpacho, Cheyanne Brubaker stepped in an adopted him to take care of him the way he needs. It did take him some time to warm up to his new mom, but after about two weeks, Gazpacho’s sweet and friendly personality began to shine through. His mom said, “He is very friendly and docile. He loves to climb and explore.”

One day while Gazpacho was busy with some daily exploring, he decided that he was going to mix things up a bit, and in a way help his mom. The adorable snake slithered up to Brubaker and wrapped himself like a hair tie around her hair. Even though she wasn’t expecting him to do something like that, she is absolutely thrilled that Gazpacho felt safe enough to snuggle up to her in such way.

“It was definitely a lovely surprise.I was so glad he feels comfortable enough with me now to climb me!” Gazpacho’s mom also mentioned that he has the freedom to go wherever he wants when he feels like cuddling up to his mom, however, for some unknown reason, Gazpacho has found a liking in the exact same spot. "He always gravitates towards my hair," Brubaker said in a video about Gazpacho.

Every time his mom picks up Gazpacho, he always go to wrap himself around her hair. It has clearly became his favourite hang-out place. “He usually spends a few minutes up there and then usually wraps around my neck for a few minutes after.”

Brubaker initially shared Gazpacho’s adorable new habit online with the hopes that they can be destigmatised and that people can start to see their loving side. Hopefully Gazpacho pretending to be a hair tie may inspire some people to rescue a snake of their own.

“I was surprised because I figured most people would be scared of the video due to many fears of snakes, but an overwhelming majority found him adorable. Some people even considered possibly rescuing a snake of their own (with proper research, of course). I think it really helped combat the stigma of all snakes being dangerous and aggressive.”

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