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Maura McLaughlin had an unexpected visit from a very unexpected visitor one night while she was peacefully trying to get some shut eye. While she was asleep, she was woken up by am unfamiliar feeling. Having cats, Maura is familiar to certain noises her furry friends sometimes sneaking in to get some cuddle. But this way way different. It almost felt like fur, rubbing against her fingers in the middle of the night, however what made it even more strange was that but it didn’t feel like one of her cats. 

McLaughlin who is also the founder of the nonprofit Off The Wall Grafitti, said, “My door was closed and I knew my cats were not inside the room. So I was like, ‘What was that?’ And I just bolted upright and went into the living room to sleep on the couch.”

McLaughlin wasn’t the only one who got the surprise visit. “One of the artists who’s living in my daughter’s room came in and said, ‘I had the cutest baby possum in my bedroom this morning’.‘I just scooped it up and put it outside and said, ‘hello.’"

McLaughlin couldn’t quite figure out where and how the possum got inside the house, and more importantly why it decided to take a nice tour of the bedrooms. But as time went on she forgot about the situation and the mystery until six months later. While she was sitting in the living room, the visitor made his return.  

“I heard this new sound, and I was like, ‘That is not my cats, that’s not a raccoon, what is slurping at the water bowl?’” McLaughlin said.

Slowly approaching the sound, she the possum busy eating away at her cats’ food. McLaughlin tried to show the animal outside, but he made it very clear that he has no intentions on leaving.  

McLaughlin ended up leaving the possum in peace to stay on as long as he would like. “What I ended up doing was giving up and giving in to the fact that they are here — they were born here under my house. These are just little community members.”

It soon became clear that the little possum was getting some lessons on how to live in a house from the other furry residents. Whenever he comes to snack on the cat food, he uses the litter box as well. It seems like the possum is just trying to be one of the cats. Strange enough, McLaughlin's cats don’t seem to mind the new strange resident or sharing their litter box, water and food. 

You might say the possum has made a good impression on everyone. Well especially McLaughlin who has come to care for the little fellow. When she doesn’t see the possum for a few days she gets worried. After all, he’s just another member of their happy little community.

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